‘Extreme Church Makeover’ events scheduled

The Capital Campaign team is hosting two upcoming events to restart discussions with the congregation about the proposed building project. This includes a full remodel of the north end of the church. It would impact the office area, meeting space, coffee area, choir room, and even the old sanctuary.

Ice Cream Social | August 18th at 7:30pm

Join us on Wednesday, August 18th in Centennial Hall for an ice cream social to enjoy some fellowship and see architectural drawings of the project. There will be a formal presentation of materials and an opportunity for discussion with those in attendance.

Follow-up Q&A Session | August 22nd at 9:50am

Then on Sunday, August 22nd, we’ll have a follow-up Q&A session in Centennial Hall about the project for those who can’t attend the first event, or simply want to hear more and ask additional questions.

Please plan to attend at least 1, if not both, events to be well informed about this proposed facility project. 

Questions? Contact either of the Capital Campaign co-chairs: Kyle Means at [email protected] or Mark Kottmeyer at [email protected]


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