First Lutheran Supports Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat Build Season begins April 10th, the Saturday after Easter. Prayers are welcome.

Current Projects

Currently, we have two families ready to begin their adventure. Two foundations were prepared last fall and the stud walls are being constructed in the warehouse. As we begin there will be limited number of people allowed on the site. Morning coffee and devotions will be held but no lunches at this time. We are hoping that as more people are vaccinated our build site will be open to volunteers. Prayers for the safety of the Build Crew and the homebuilders and their support people as well as the Habitat Board are always welcome. Please know that First Lutheran Church is well represented on the Build Crew. Many thanks go to all of you who have made donations through Give Where You Live and the Carpenter’s Club (see the bulletin board by the elevator for samples of donations.)

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity in Kearney

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