Stepping Up Precautions While Moving Forward
Updates with our response to COVID

We want to give you an update on some recent church council decisions. COVID is still a very real thing and has recently been gaining momentum in our area. According to the Two Rivers Health Department, there has been nearly a 30% increase in cases per week since early August. While the Two Rivers dial is currently at the elevated level, it is almost at the pandemic range. Some of our church leaders recently visited with a doctor from Kearney Regional Hospital. Our leaders were informed by this doctor that our local hospitals are nearly full and our healthcare providers are being pushed to the limit. With this information in mind, the First Lutheran Congregation Council has decided to modify some of the procedures at First Lutheran.

New Precautions:

The following changes will be taking place: 1) We will be spraying down the pews after each service. 2) The children will not be asked to come forward for the children’s sermon. Noisy Offering buckets can be found alongside the collection plates at the sanctuary entrances. 3) The following positions will be wearing masks: worship leaders, assisting ministers, acolytes, communion servers, members of all choirs/singing groups, musicians, ushers, Sunday school teachers, and FROG leaders. 4) Mask wearing by congregation members is highly recommended. We will review these decisions at the next church council meeting in October.

Thank you for your grace and understanding:

We want to keep things as “normal” as possible, but we feel certain modifications are appropriate at this time. We know that these decisions will not be popular with everyone. Some people will say that we are not doing enough. Some people will say that we are overreacting and doing too much. There is so much uncertainty when it comes to COVID. Who is vaccinated and who is not? Who has the antibodies and who does not? What about the freedom to choose? What about looking out for your neighbor? It can be very challenging to balance all of this. None of us have been trained to handle some of these situations. We simply try to do the best we can with the information that we have.

We pray for your grace and understanding for both the council and the pastors as we continue to navigate the unknown. These are challenging times for a lot of people. Let us not forget our mission at First Lutheran: “Receiving God’s Grace. Sharing God’s Love. Uniting in Christ.”

Peace to All,

First Lutheran Congregation Council

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