October 2, 2022


HABAKKUK 1:1-4; 2:1-4; PSALM 37:1-9; 2 TIMOTHY 1:1-14; LUKE 17:5-10

A little faith goes a long way in Jesus’ point in the gospel.  A mustard seed’s worth of faith has miraculous potential.  The patience, tenacity, and endurance required for the life of faith are the blessings received in holy baptism, holy communion, and the word read and proclaimed in this assembly.  Anticipate them.  Receive them with thanksgiving.

October 9, 2022


2 KINGS 5:1-3; 7-15c; PSALM 111, 2 TIMOTHY 2:8-15; LUKE 17:11-19

It’s a miracle!  Multiple miracles!  The waters of holy baptism have healed us.  The body and blood in Jesus in holy communion have made us clean.  We have died with Christ and been raised with him.  For all this we have returned to offer thanks.  From this place we are sent on our way rejoicing to share the good news.

October 16, 2022 


GENESIS 32:22-31; PSALM 121; 2 TIMOTHY 3:14-4:5; LUKE 18:1-8

Pray always.  Do not lose heart.  This is Christ’s encouragement in the gospel today.  Wrestle with the word.  Remember your baptism again and again.  Come regularly to Christ’s table.  Persistence in our every encounter with the divide will be blessed.

October 23, 2022


JEREMIAH 14:7-10, 19-22, PSALM 84:1-7; 2 TIMOTHY 4:6-8, 16-18, LUKE 18:9-14

Genuine repentance and pretentious piety stand in stark contrast in the gospel and all around us.  All creation stands in need of God’s forgiveness.  Keep the faith.  God’s people shall be accounted righteous for Jesus’ sake.  Our God is merciful to sinners.  For this we worship and glorify God forever.

October 30, 2022


JEREMIAH 31:31-34; PSALM 46; ROMANS 3:19-28; JOHN 8:31-36

Rooted in the past and growing into the future, the church must always be reformed in order to live out the love of Christ in an ever-changing world.  We celebrate the good news of God’s grace, that Jesus Christ sets us free every date to do this life-transforming work.  Trusting in the freedom given to us in baptism, we pray for the church, that Christians will unite more fully in worship and mission.