First Lutheran Church has been blessed with an abundance of gifted leaders in our faith community. If you’re feeling God’s call to Christian-based leadership in the life of the congregation, consider the following opportunities to join a leadership team and help our continuing mission of sharing and abiding in the love of Jesus Christ! To get involved, call 308-237-5544 or email

The Congregational Council consists of the pastors and 9 members of the congregation elected annually by the congregation and has oversight of the life and activities of the church, in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Meet the current church council.

This team’s mission is to facilitate, support, evaluate and implement all aspects of worship, to the glory of God. Celebrating God’s abiding presence and faithfulness, and moving towards God’s promised fulfillment, this congregation shall seek to proclaim faithfully the love of God in Word and Sacrament. This team shall encourage and develop structures and programs which fulfill the worship needs of this congregation, both in acts of public worship and in private devotion. This team shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following areas of ministry: altar guild; paraments and banners; musicians and music needs; worship personnel including lectors, communion assistants, assisting ministers, acolytes, greeters and ushers. The team shall also be responsible for books for worship and literature for personal devotion; care and maintenance of vestments, liturgical cloths and metal ware. They shall support worship and liturgy in the life and ministry of the Body of Christ; stewarding the liturgical treasure of the church in Word and Sacrament.

This team exists to assess, provide, and implement technology in all its varied forms to enhance worship and Christian education; and to assist the congregation in communicating with each other and with the greater community. This team also consults with staff on the purchase of, and oversees the maintenance of, all computers and technology within the church facility.

This team provides opportunities for outreach by encouraging congregational members to reach out beyond themselves to spread God’s love locally and globally. By planning and 19 coordinating service projects in Kearney and throughout all corners of the world, the team helps the congregation fulfill Jesus’ command to love, serve, and care for our brothers and sisters everywhere.

This team is involved in endeavors to reach out to new members, inactive members, and those interested in our church. Our goal is to make all who worship at First Lutheran feel welcome, and to engage with them to connect with the church. This team encourages both new and existing members to become a part of the body of Christ through worship as well as participation in our church ministries.

This congregation shall seek to provide opportunities for Christian Education for all members. This team shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following areas of ministry: Sunday School, vacation Bible school, children’s programming, high school youth programming, and all adult education opportunities. It shall assist the pastor(s) in the on-going task of confirmation ministry; promoting camp and providing retreat opportunities of the church; providing for the recruitment and equipping of educational leaders; reviewing and maintaining curriculum, seeking to use the appropriate materials, and making sure that adequate study undergird the other functions of the congregation.

In order to serve Christ and glorify God, this team evaluates staffing needs, recommends and interprets personnel policies, and screens job applicants, considering pastoral, staff and congregational needs.

Care and maintenance of the physical properties belonging to this congregation are an important part of good stewardship. This team shall have responsibility for, but not limited to the following areas of ministry: maintain, protect, and improve all real and personal property of this congregation; see to proper insurance and safety programs; develop and oversee long range plans for property, both real and personal, including the acquisition and usage thereof; provide for yard care, snow removal, and church cleaning; and maintain a current inventory of the congregational personal property.

This congregation shall endeavor to be responsible stewards over all with which God has blessed its members. This team shall provide leadership and organizational structure to maintain effective motives and practices of stewardship of all members of the congregation. This team shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following areas of ministry: devising means to encourage generous giving to the work of the church at home, in the Nebraska Synod, through the church-wide organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and through the world; encourage members to give generously of their time and talents in order to provide the personnel for programs and activities of this congregation and acknowledge such and provide for an on-going year-round stewardship program.

In order to honor loved ones when monetary donations of memorials or honoraria are given; there shall be a Memorial Committee. The committee will assist these donors with suggestion of appropriate uses of their donations. The Memorials Committee will include all standing committees input regarding requests, which will then be reviewed for approval by the Memorials Committee.

The First Lutheran Church Preschool exists to provide a Christian environment so children can experience a loving, caring and nurturing place to grow in God’s love while promoting the academic, spiritual, physical and social development of each child. This board oversees the operation, personnel and budget of the preschool.

This team exists to: open communication concerning the attitudes and conditions within the congregation; early warnings of misunderstanding within the congregation; a “listening post” for the pastor(s) and the congregation; conflict resolution; appraisal of the ministry of the pastor(s) and the congregation; be a sounding board for the pastor(s) in time of personal or professional stress; identifying continuing education that would assist the ministry of the pastor(s) and the goals of the congregation; and address concerns for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the pastor(s). Through listening, interpreting, advising, conferring, evaluating, recommending, affirming, and forgiving, the ministry of the pastor(s) is strengthened as well as that of the congregation.