Capital Campaign for Offices and HVAC

Thank you for your consideration of supporting the Creating Space for Faith to Grow campaign. Your contributions will help our church improve and add office space for our pastors and staff. It will also completely overhaul our Heating & Air Conditioning system throughout the entire facility.

Renovated Office

Renovating the church office space has been a priority for more than 20 years. Though attention has shifted to more urgent building needs over these years, we are returning our focus to improve this vital space that is central to First Lutheran’s ministries.Renovations will include:

  • Improving the First Lutheran office corridor to increase the number of offices from 4 to 9, providing adequate space for our 3 pastors and up to 6 additional staff
  • An enlarged lobby will expand gathering space and traffic flow within the building
  • Moving the nursery closer to the sanctuary and including a dedicated nursery restroom to better serve our young families
  • Replacing worn carpet, paint, fixtures, and furniture, and increasing the HVAC efficiency
  • Create a dedicated copy and print work room for the many projects handled by our office administrator
  • Include a meeting room with proper and comfortable seating for members and guests in need of comforting and counseling
  • Establish an inviting reception area that demonstrates our hospitality for visitors and members meeting together or with our staff

Additional Improvements

Our HVAC system is well past its efficiency. We plan to upgrade this critical infrastructure that keeps our building hospitable for ministry programs and gathering groups throughout the year.

The old sanctuary is a sacred space for many in this congregation who made vows, were themselves baptized or brought their children for this sacrament. Though we don’t continue to meet in this sanctuary week to week, many of us can’t help but think of it as holy ground. Yet, having relegated it to a storage area, we do not honor this space in a way that reflects this conviction. We believe we can better use this space and intend to refresh this space as offices to support life-giving, life-changing ministries.

Ready to see more? Click this link to access the campaign page: Grow With Us! 


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